2021-2021 Journal Publications

Xieu W, Lewis LS, Zhao F, Fichman RA, Willmes M, Hung TC, Ellison L, Stevenson T, Tigan G, Schultz A, Hobbs J (2021) Experimental validation of otolith-based age and growth reconstructions across multiple life stages of a critically endangered estuarine fish, PeerJ, in press.

Tsai YJJ, Chase SN, Hung TC (2021) Validating the use of sodium hypochlorite for egg detachment and photograph-based egg counting in Delta Smelt, Aquaculture Research 52, 5936-5940.

Yanagitsuru YR, Main MA, Lewis LS, Hobbs JA, Hung TC, Connon RE, Fangue NA (2021) Effects of temperature on hatching and growth performance of embryos and yolk-sac larvae of a threatened estuarine fish: longfin smelt (Spirinchus thaleichthys), Aquaculture 537, 736502.

Mundy PC, Huff Hartz KE, Fulton C, Lydy M, Brander S, Hung TC, Fangue N, Connon R (2021) Exposure to permethrin or chlorpyrifos causes differential dose- and time-dependent behavioral effects at early larval stages of an endangered teleost species, Endangered Species Research 44, 89-103.

Tsai YJJ, Chase S, Carson EW, Zweig L, Hung TC (2021) Characterization of spawning behavior in cultured delta smelt, North American Journal of Aquaculture 83, 51-57.

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