2021-2024 Journal Publications

Stillway ME, Hammock BG, Acuña S, McCormick AR, Hung TC, Schultz AA, Young TM, Teh SJ (2024) Sub-lethal responses of delta smelt to contaminants under different flow conditions, San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science, accepted.

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Asadi Aghbolaghi M, Maloy AP, Coombs JA, Hung TC, Carson EW (2024) Phylogenetic relationships and introduction history inferred from complete mitochondrial genomes of four smelts (Osmeridae) of the modern San Francisco Estuary, Zoologischer Anzeiger 308, 66-70.

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Tsai YJJ, Ellison L, Stevenson T, Carson EW, Hung TC (2023) No effect of stocking density on the survival or size of late-stage delta smelt larvae reared in a small-scale culture system, North American Journal of Aquaculture 85(4), 395-400.

Ellison L, Rahman MM, Finger AJ, Sandford M, Hsueh CH, Schultz AA, Hung TC (2023) Size, fecundity, and condition factor changes in endangered delta smelt Hypomesus transpacificus over 10 generations in captivity, Fish and Fisheries 3(4), 353-365.

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Hung TC, Hammock BG, Sandford M, Stillway M, Park M, Lindberg JC, Teh SJ (2022) Temperature and salinity preferences of endangered Delta Smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus, Actinopterygii, Osmeridae), Scientific Reports 12, 16558.

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Xieu W, Lewis LS, Zhao F, Fichman RA, Willmes M, Hung TC, Ellison L, Stevenson T, Tigan G, Schultz A, Hobbs J (2021) Experimental validation of otolith-based age and growth reconstructions across multiple life stages of a critically endangered estuarine fish, PeerJ 9, e12280.

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Mundy PC, Huff Hartz KE, Fulton C, Lydy M, Brander S, Hung TC, Fangue N, Connon R (2021) Exposure to permethrin or chlorpyrifos causes differential dose- and time-dependent behavioral effects at early larval stages of an endangered teleost species, Endangered Species Research 44, 89-103.

Tsai YJJ, Chase S, Carson EW, Zweig L, Hung TC (2021) Characterization of spawning behavior in cultured delta smelt, North American Journal of Aquaculture 83, 51-57.

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